Tips for recruiting top college talent


Auburn University is a hotbed of college student recruiting activity. Ranked in the top 50 public universities for 23 consecutive years by U.S. News & World Report, companies come from around the globe to Auburn, Alabama to hire talent.

If your company aims to recruit the best and brightest Auburn students, consider some of these strategic and creative recruiting strategies from The Collegiate Hotel’s owner and former student recruiter to up your game and get your organization noticed at upcoming job fairs and recruiting events.

  1. Get Social!

Today’s grads aren’t scouring the newspaper for employment ads. College students seeking jobs want to connect with potential employers where they are, which is online. Having a social media presence on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. is an essential first step. Make sure you encourage students to follow you and not just visit your page. Your materials and conversations should always mention your online presence.

Success Tip: Intentionally ask every student to follow you to get the latest information on when you will be back on campus or hiring. Also, make sure you invest in mobile recruiting with a mobile-friendly website and application process that is easy to complete from any device.

  1. Join the Club

College campuses are busy and so are students. Get noticed by connecting with the clubs, associations, and student groups that align with your company’s recruiting strategy. Get to know the club’s leadership to introduce yourself, network with prospective candidates, and position your company as an employer of choice.

Success Tip: Host interview workshops at clubs to help members prepare for interviews. This support also creates visibility year-round, not just the few days you are on campus to recruit. A link to all of Auburn’s clubs can be found at Clubs at Auburn University.

  1. Start Early to Rock the Recruitment Fair

The key to any successful recruiting fair is high student turnout in the majors/disciplines/experiences you are looking for. Start marketing your event and presence early.

Success Tip #1: Plan a giveaway outside the college or department you are targeting one week before your big recruitment event. Give away waters and resume kits to prepare students for your arrival the following week. 

Success Tip #2: Use university and club resources, post your event on your social media channels and connect with professors in the specific departments and majors. Flyers still work outside those classes or areas seniors gravitate toward.

  1. Attract Talent with Talent

Students relate to recent student graduates. Bring a diverse set of people to recruit who can easily talk about the company and its opportunities, who are subject matter experts, and who can still remember the current professors and classes of your prospective employees.

Success Tip: Ask new hires to share projects they are actively working on so students can relate to the work they would be doing at your company.

It’s never too early to start planning your next recruitment fair. Expand your social media marketing to engage with college students majoring in fields that lead to your industry. Start exploring how you can get involved with campus groups. Plan those pre-events to get ready for recruitment day and make sure you have a solid set of employees representing you on the big day. Good luck!

The Collegiate Hotel is one of the most convenient hotels near Auburn University’s campus. It provides an ideal location for college recruiters wanting to connect with students. Your trip to Auburn starts with our luxurious lodging, complimentary breakfast and wifi, and plenty of space to work. Our complimentary golf cart shuttle can take you right on Auburn’s campus to your location. No university parking pass is needed! Our boardroom is an ideal location for interviews and our rooftop patio is the perfect place for a recruiting event to get you noticed with the best and brightest of Auburn. Plan your stay or event today by calling 334-821-2646.