Building the Best Auburn University Golf Cart Tour

Hi, my name is Breland McHenry and I’m a senior at Auburn University working at The Collegiate Hotel. No doubt, 2020 has been an experience like no other for prospective college students. However, Auburn’s formal college tours are back and we are excited to continue to offer another option for prospective students and families who want to supplement their college tour of Auburn University.

At The Collegiate Hotel we have stepped up our creativity! Our golf cart shuttle, prime location across from campus and student employees, with the inside scoop on well…being a student, are the perfect ingredients to create complimentary tailored-made campus tours for hotel guests.

Looking to take an in-person personal tour of campus or add to one of Auburn’s University’s great campus tours? I am sharing a quick snapshot of the FREE student-led tours we offer everyday at The Collegiate Hotel. Call 334-821-2646 to book a room and let them know
you want to add a FREE college tour to your stay and we will be off to see My Favorite 5 Things:

  1. Housing– We hit all four of the major housing quarters on campus: The Quad, The Village, The Hill and South Donahue. We will give you the run-down on where you can grab your late-night snacks, park your car and pick up mom’s care packages.
  2. Major-Wherever your intended major’s building is, we’re going there. If your mind is set on being the next teacher or engineer, we can head straight to your HQs. Undeclared? No problem. We cover a broad tour of the campus, highlighting all the colleges and majors. This overview also gives you a glimpse of how students move around. Where we hang out and most importantly where we EAT!
  3. Food– Food is a VERY important part of college, because it’s a huge part of meeting new people and socializing! We cover dining options available on campus and explain different meal plans, where to meet, socialize or grab a quick bite between classes. We will also show you great breakfast, lunch and dinner options located downtown!
  4. School Spirit– Auburn University’s school spirit is unmatched in all things academics, sports and extracurriculars. We go right by (+ can stop at) Auburn’s official bookstore, which is the home for fun Auburn merchandise, school supplies and books for class. From seeing the Creed Wall and of course the three major sport venues located in the heart of campus: football, basketball and baseball we cover a lot of ground on that golf cart!
  5. Tradition– No Auburn college tour would be complete without some explanation around all the great AU traditions that make Auburn a Family. The mystery of our mascot (yes, we are the Tigers,) our battle cry: “War Eagle” and whoAubie is are all explained. From rolling Toomer’s Corner after a win to Cater Hall call-outs, there is so much information we love to sprinkle in during our hour together.